Our lamps are wired for either a medium or candelabra base bulb. Both of these bulbs can be found easily at your local hardware or home goods store.

We like low wattage bulbs for our lamps, such as a 25 watt mirrored silver bulb, a 7.5 watt S11 bulb in frosted, colored, or clear, or a 25 watt G25 globe bulb. Links to purchase these bulbs are below.

Lamps that have a cloth or handmade lampshade require a LED light bulb. LED light bulbs generate less heat and are highly recommended for any safety concerns. These bulbs are also more eco-friendly and we suggest using them to save energy if you plan to leave your lamp on for long periods of time.

To reduce wear and tare on your lamp, unplug the lamp by pulling on the plastic socket and not the cord.


medium base bulbs